Send messages only at day time (recurring backend workflow)

So I’ve made an iOS app using bubble, which sends push notifications few times a day.

My app works like that:

  1. User turn on notifications and I schedule Backend workflow using “Current time +3 hours”
  2. At backend workflow I use this rule to evaluate if it is appropriate time to send a notification: image
    If it passed - notification is sent and same backend workflow scheduled on +3 hours"
    If it not passed - notifications is NOT sent and same backend workflow scheduled on +3 hours

I thought that current time - is a current user device time. But now I am confused since found out that “Current time” in backend API workflows is server time.
So if that true I’ve been sending pushes at the wrong time for most of the users (since I’ve been evaluating if time is appropriate based on server time) .

So my question: How to send notifications to a user 3 times a day only from 10 am to 10 pm using backend workflow?

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