Work of workflows when a user is not in the app

I’m trying to make email notifications for unread messages in bubble which work in the following way: when a user hasn’t checked them in the app for more that one hour, the user gets an email notification

In the condition in the pic I used the following logics:
When the an hour from the notification creation date is less than current date and time’s hour, we send an email


But I noticed a prolem: this workflow works only when the user is in the app which is a big problem for me
As I understand, Bubble doesn’t start workflows behind the stage( when users are offline)

Anyway, maybe we’ve got other ways of implementation the logics?

You can schedule backend workflows

Yeah, you need a backend workflow. Go into settings, go to the API tab, and tick the “Enable Workflow API and backend workflows” box.

You can then schedule backend workflows that don’t require user interaction…

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