Send multiple database records from Bubble to 3rd party app


Am just trying to figure something out but keep running into dead-ends.

Is it possible to send a number of database records at a time over an API or a Webhook?

Is that the best solution for what I am trying to do?

Some quick context: I have created an app in bubble that will create a 150 new database entries (or ‘things’) each day. I want to send these entries as (individual entries i.e. as they are recorded in bubble) to another webapp I use (a database/records app called Fusioo).

Simply downloading the database from bubble and uploading it into Fusioo isn’t going to be practical in the long term, so what is the best way to automate this whole thing?

I want to be sending only the records (‘things’) created on each day rather than sending the whole database each time.

I can’t find reference to APIs or Webhooks sending more then one set of data at a time, so how do I send a whole bunch of data at once?

Or do I have to approach it in a way that when each ‘thing’ is created that triggers an API/webhook to send the data on a ‘thing by thing’ basis?

I am familiar with sending data between apps via the likes of Zapier, but have never had to create my own API from scratch before.

Any help - or suggestions for plugins that would enable this - would be very welcome.

Some possibilities that come to mind would be:

Zapier, if they offer Fusioo as an app

Integromat, which I like a bit better than Zapier, and can connect with a webhook

Use the Bubble API connector to connect directly to Fusioo’s API.

Setting it up with the API connector would probably be your best long-term, integrated solution.

Agree with this. API connector is the best solution for the long-term. If you go through Fusioo’s API documentation, you’ll find it fairly straightforward to setup the connection.

As far as the trigger goes, you could either schedule a recurring event that runs daily at a specific time, reads the records created in bubble and writes to your database (this will depend on your plan) or write each entry to the database as it gets created in bubble.

Hope this helps.

Thank you,

I will work with the API, that sounds like the way forward. Cheers!