Send Null strings as actual null value instead of null string in api connector

When I am trying to send data to an external API and if I am not setting any text field then that field is going as a “null” string, not as an actual null value. This is causing some issues in my backend which is taking “null” string as the actual value. How can I send blank string/unset fields as actual null value while using the API connector?

If possible, sending the data as query parameters does not require you to add quotes outside dynamic values "<value>". On the other hand if you need to send as body then you could just send <value> and then when dynamically sending value you could use the following as the field value:

value = ParentGroups’ Thing’s value is empty:formatted as text

for yes: (leave empty and send nothing = null)
for no: create an option set, I call mine Constants. Then make one constant where the display is a quotation mark ("). Then in the data source use: Get an Option - Constant - “‘s Display:append ParentGroups’ Thing’s value:append”

Even though this may be a working solution, I do think there should be an easier way to use the Body in the API Connector and send null when needed and also send as string when necessary.

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