Send "products" from repeating group to another

I’ve been searching for an answer to this but haven’t found any yet.

I have a repeating group with products, lets say the products are shoes. I have thousands of shoes in my database, so what I want to do is let the user (not logged in) save his/her favorite shoes while searching the repeating group. So the “main” repeating group with all the shoes is to the left. On the right side I want a repeating group which is empty until the user “likes” a pair of shoe. So when the user clicks on an icon in the left repeating group → that pair of shoes will show in the repeating group to the right. How do I do this?

Let me know if you need further explanation.
Thanks in advance.

Simple… use a Custom state list…

Have a custom state, of type Shoes (list) set somewhere on your page, and set the Second RG’s datasource to be that list of Shoes.

When a user clicks on a Shoe in the first RG, run a workflow to add that Shoe to the custom state list of Shoes.

I can’t make it work.

I created a new custom state list:
Skärmavbild 2022-07-05 kl. 09.14.46

I set the second RG’s database to be that list:
Skärmavbild 2022-07-05 kl. 09.16.21

And then I don’t understand what to do. I go into workflows and start with “When shoe is clicked…”, but I can’t figure out how to add that shoe to the custom state list?

I can’t get it to show “Current cell’s Shoe”. It just says “Current cell’s index” which does not work

Then I’m guessing your button is inside a Group (whcih is inside the Cell)… so use Parent Group’s Shoe instead (the group will need to have a content type of Shoe and a datasource of current cell’s Shoe).