Send recurring emails to a list of users - stuck

Hi there, i am stuck.

I want users to set up how many notifications per week they want to receive (anywhere from once a week to daily) and then every day trigger a backend workflow automatically that will send out these emails.

I am a bit stuck. Scheduling a workflow on a list of things would do, but I do not want to schedule the workflow from the frontend but rather have the workflow run once a day automatically. Help is appreciated. Thanks.

In case it matters, I am on the professional plan.

There are recurring backend workflows you could use, but they are not going to allow you to dynamically set the interval in which the user has chosen to receive the emails.

Instead you could do a recursive backend workflow on your list of users and put a conditional onto the send email action to determine if the users selected interval determines they should receive the email or not.

Alternatively you could setup a set of recurring backend workflows (one for each interval choice your users can select from) and then just trigger the appropriate one based on the choice.

hi @boston85719 thanks a lot for the hint.

I thought it may help others to learn how I solved the issue in general.

I created a backend API workflow (let’s call it workflow A) that in turn, all it does is schedule a workflow on a list of things on the current date and time (Workflow B) .

This way bubble exposes an endpoint on workflow A - and then I used to schedule a cron job at the desired interval, which generates a post request to the endpoint of workflow A.

Of course, for more security, it is recommendable to use a token.

This way, I trigger the workflow from outside bubble and i avoid creating any frontend for this process.

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