Proper way to send recurring emails?


I would like to send out an email to users to remind them about Holidays that they care about. For example, if user Jon says he cares about Christmas, I would like my application to send out an email to Jon 21 days before Christmas.

Would I use “recurring events” to make this happen?

If yes, any tutorials or articles that you can suggest to help me learn more about using recurring events to send emails?

I am brand new to Bubble and just want to make sure I’m heading down the right path. Thank you for your help.

You could use recurring events, or another way would be to simply schedule a backend workflow.

For example, if you want to send an email 21 days before Christmas, simply schedule a backend workflow for 4th December of the current year (unless that date has already passed - in which case schedule it for the next year).

That workflow would have an action to send the desired email, then another action to schedule the same workflow again for 4th December for the following year (current date +1 year).

Great, thank you @adamhholmes. I will dig into backend workflows as well as recurring events. I appreciate the direction-pointing! :slightly_smiling_face: