Send selected items from a repeting group to a database

Hello everybody, I’m trying to send the selected items from this repeating group to another database. I followed @romanmg tutorial " How to Create a “Select All” Feature for Repeating Groups"
Now I’m trying to send those selected items to a new database after pressing the button start and to delete them after the button is pressed.
How should the workflow look like?
Thank you.

When you say new database do you mean your bubble database or an external database?

When you say you want to delete them after the button is pressed, do you mean delete them from the database or remove them from the repeating group or just remove the checkbox?

Yeah, bubble database and delete them from the database, only the selected items.
The repeating group has a custom state, so it would be something like " Delete RepeatingGroup Manage’s selected items" but I dont know how to do it

I am still confused then…why would you when after pressing the button start send them to the database and then delete them from the database after the button is pressed?

Because that repeating group is for products that the customer bought, the new database is for products in the queue and delivered products, does that make sense?

If you have records for the products some user has bought, you could create a new ‘Status’ field for that Data Type.

Then, you don’t have to copy and delete those items, but change their ‘Status’, i.e.: ‘Bought’, ‘Queued’, ‘Delivered’, etc.

Yes, and that is exactly the type of information needed to help provide the solution to your query.

And I think @jmalmeida did a good job on giving you the guidance you need now that it is known what you were trying to accomplish.

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thank you for your replies @jmalmeida @boston85719 but I want to keep these items in different databases. The app is more complex than what it seems and I wanted to organize my data like this.
My only problem now is that I dont know how to send the selected items from the repeating group that are included in the custom state to the other database. Even if I try to do what @jmalmeida is saying I wouldn’t know how to do it because my problem is the Custom state of the product and the selected items.

If you have a list of items saved on a custom state you could Schedule an API Workflow on that list and there you create a new thing for every list item, and then delete the original one.

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Thank you!
I found this tutorial by @gregjohnkeegan, this is what I was trying to achive