[SOLVED] Delete/Modify All Selected in Repeating Group to Database

Good day!

A simple request. I need to be able to have a “delete all selected” for a table on my application!

Backstory: I expect a lot of tickets in a repeating group. I need the user to be able to quickly “Select All” and delete them all at once rather than having to delete them one by one.

Here’s a screenshot. I need it to be able to “Select All” → Then it selects all of the checkboxes → When “Remove All Selected” is clicked, it deletes all of the selected tickets in the database “Tickets”.

Here’s a copy of my database.

Here’s a link to the app → https://tester-repeating.bubbleapps.io/version-test?debug_mode=true

Keep in mind, this is on a Free plan right now. I’ve read “Schedule a List API” is the only real way to loop… However, wanted to see if anyone had a workaround?


Create a temporary list of selected deletes in a custom state as you go along. Then delete from the list at the end on a workflow on Remove all selected.

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That makes a lot of sense! Thank you Nigel! For the database call, do I use “Make changes to a List of Things”? The List being the Custom State and then modify the name field of Tickets?

Also, is it possible when you click “Select All” that is checks all of the checkboxes in my Repeating Group rather than individually clicking one by one?

Hmmm, yes, making all the checkboxes checked … is tricker than I had thought :slight_smile:

Ah, got it, stick the repeating group in a group and reset it.

Think it works now… was trying to get it to do “unselect” all if all were selected too.


Very nice! Thank you for the input. The Select All works marvelously.

Appreciate your help @NigelG . This ticket is now closed :slight_smile: I’ll update it to [SOLVED] in the header.

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I have added an example to BoB for future reference.