Send someone a link to Preview in Dev mode?


Can i send someone a link to preview a build of my site whilst it is still in Dev mode? Is this possible?


Yep, it’s just


Hey Marc,

The straight answer is yes its possible to send a preview link e.g. /version-test/ of a development site to someone via copying that URL.

Be sure that under the Settings > General you haven’t locked off the development or frontend view e.g.

However as you know, as soon as you make change to the site it will display the update banner and disable some workflows until the page is refreshed. Unfortunately I don’t believe there is a way round this without deploying to a live version, so you can still make straight changes will the person previews the site without any ‘update page’ type issues…

One idea is deploying and then as long as you are on a paid plan e.g. Personal or above you can check the ‘Limit access to this app’
and set a u/n and p/w to then apply to both the frontend and the development mode (/version-test)


Thanks Andrew :+1:

Thanks Luke for the heads up :+1:

Your welcome Marc.

It would be nice addition in the future if Bubble can expand with features like a staging environment rather than going for a full deployment workaround.

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Very much in agreement

I used the plugin auto refresh, so at least, refreshing is from the past :slight_smile:

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