Refresh Page - Rethink Idea

Hey Bubble,

I just started working on an app the other day with a team. This is a nice feature but makes things almost impossible to function. Sometimes it makes everything slow. However, the most difficult part of the process is when I’m building and want to test something out and the team is editing simultaneously. I can’t seem to preview anything because every second it is forcing me to refresh the screen because the team made and update.

I think maybe you could rethink the whole refresh page idea. Maybe allow me to work still despite the page having an update. Then allow me to decide when I want to refresh and update. If there is a way to do this I think it might be a better way to go.

This would work a lot better in the Live version too. Then we don’t have to worry about messing up a customer entering data at the time we push an update.

Anyways, I think this would solve a lot of complaints in the dev teams and in the live versions with our customers.

I really hope there is some way you can do this. I hope it is not a limitation of bubble. Thanks again Bubble! We love you!


I know what you mean, it does cause some issues or hiccups.

There is something on the roadmap that is related to this issue, but seems to be more on the end of deploying rather than internal development of the preview function.

Its a difficult one. Maybe if Bubble could isolate changes that are happening to just a page basis where development is happening, API workflows, settings…could fall under general changes or perhaps a solution is integrating a more fluid and seamless update that happens realtime on the version-test, in the same way when data types are changed (sounds complex). Or better yet having the ability for a development only commit, where you can push a build (even with errors) to a test environment, but still make changes to the app…as I said its a tricky one, but definitely something I’d like to see addressed by the Bubble team - I know they can pull it off :+1:

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