Send specific data to specific user

Hello everyone,

I’m new and i testing bubble for my app but I’m having a problem.

I explain to you :
I have 2 types of users

  1. companies
  2. the buyers

the buyer writes an advertisement and selects the sector of activity (plumbing, cleaning …) and the geographic sector.

He publishes the ad

So far so good I use a repetitive group.

But I would say that when the business user logs into their account, they only see ads from their industry and geography.

How to do? Can you help me?

Thank you for the time

Hi, maybe the way I did can help you.

Add a field on user table, type=industry. Add the same field for advertisement or whatever data type you may create. Then whenever you display the advertisement etc always set constraint “industry=current user’s industry”.

Thanks a lot it works