Send 'things' in URL

Hi I have a searchbox that searches things in DB. then when the user presses search it sends them to a new page where the results are in a repeating group how do I send the selected thing searched in the searchbox to the new page via URL (or different method) and then have another searchbox (on page 2) reference the url so that the inital selection is the same ‘thing’ as on page 2?

My issue now is that the url sends text and the searchbox only uses things not text?

Anyone have a solution?

I’m not sure if this is what you need, but this might help.

On your first page, when the user clicks your Search button, open your search results page, but send it what they are searching for as a parameter. Like this:

When the page opens, add the code to your RG to do a search for your Things based on what they entered in as their search criteria. Something like this:

YOUR actual search may be something more like “name contains Get arg_search_criteria from page URL” or something similar.

Hope this helps.