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Passing search input data to new page


I’m trying to create a search function where the user types their desired search into the input (or search) box on the Index page and then when the search button is clicked the search request is sent to the Search results page, where the repeating group is displayed. The “send data to page” function isn’t working for me. When I try to use that feature, in the data to send box I type “Search-Input’s value” but it doesn’t let me stop there, the input wants more data, which doesn’t make any sense to use in this case

What I’m doing wrong?
How such request should be handled?


What’s the error that pops up? Usually, the issue is that it’s looking for a specific thing, but the search box value is just a text. You might need to use the Do a Search for Thing with a constraint = Search Box Value

On the Index page I have two input fields: name (text) and location (address), and a search button.
On the Search results page I have same input fields, which I’d like to pre-populate with submitted content from the Index page and show searched results in RepeatingGroup listing.

I believe it could be achieved with a workflow of the Search button: Search Button is clicked - Step 1 Go to page Search results - Data to send …
but what ever combination I try it gets red and asks for “(More…)”

See it here:

@andrewgassen - any comments?

I just popped in there and didn’t see any errors. It looks like you’re already using the route I’d pick, which is to use URL parameters to pass additional details.

@andrewgassen, sorry i went to fix it for him when he shared the link :joy:

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I figured when I saw the other threat. Good stuff!

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@andrewgassen and @seanhoots - thank you for the advise! Issue - fixed.

@andisdr could you tell me how you did it?