Send to Back Not Working on one page of app

I have a page of my app that has two floating groups on it. One acts as the side menu and the “second” floating group is supposed to be a “fly out” for the side menu.

At first I got this to work properly with send to back command and on the editor page the elements displayed correctly.

For a day it worked correctly on page view as well.

Now, after I didn’t change anything it stopped working and the elements are not set on the page as they should be.

I tested another page on my app and it works fine.

Every new floating group I add to the page I am having the problem with also doesn’t get “send to back” correctly and is overlaying the side menu floating group.

I don’t know how to fix this problem as deleting and recreating the “second” floating group doesn’t seem like a possibility since newly added floating groups are also not getting set on page properly.


After testing more on the page with the floating groups not working properly, it seems the problem is not the page…but on the element itself.

The side menu floating group is not getting called “bring to front” properly.

I had posed a question in the forum but after testing feel there is some issue like a bug

@boston85719 You can file a bug report here:

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