Sendgrid API Connector

Trying to set up API Connector for SendGrid. Not sure how to go about replacing {list_id} in the url.


How would you get {list_id} into parameters so I could change the IDs through my app?

This doesn’t work:

as I get this error:

Any suggestions?

They way you enter the key looks fishy to me. Try removing the {}

Tried it, but it gave me the same error. :unamused:

Well it’s definitely wrong with the braces. Can you share the whole screenshot? Other users have sucessfully used sendgrid so it has to be something with your settings.

If I took the whole screen shot there would not be much else to see.

Here are my settings:

I can create campaigns, Get lists of segments, lists, senders and campaigns etc. However once I try to retrieve specific list, segment,sender or campaign then it gives me this error.

Alright then it’s a question for Sendgrid. Why is this particular call failing, and what does the error message mean?

Didn’t get an answer yet, however if I make the same DELETE call except I actually replace the {list_id} with a list ID it works:

So I must be plugging it in the parameters wrong. I tried with {}, and without. Is there anything else I can try there?

As you suggested I asked Sendgrind regarding the issue. Here is their response:

It might be passing it as a URI parameter as opposed to appending it to the end of the URL (I’m assuming)

Because in the end it should just look like:


Any suggestions on what to do with this?/ Anyone actually got it working properly through the API connector?

If you make the URL non private you can modify it.

This helped:
Setting URL to non private
removing / at the end of the URL

I am now able to do GET calls for specific campaigns, sender IDs etc.

Just testing it in a text box. Retrieving Campaigns Title and ID. It returns first 10 campaigns in my Sendgrid. While it should only return one:

PATCH and DELETE also keep returning error.

This sounds like another question to SendGrid.

Will ask them and most likely few more. What do you think about these 2 other errors:

  1. DELETE now giving me an error: -{“errors”:[{“message”:”request body is invalid”]}
    I am not putting any Request Body in there. They already told me just not to put any Request Body. Just to make sure I deleted the call and made a new one. Still the same error.

  2. PATCH now giving me an error: -{“errors”:[{“message”:”not found”]} however when I just change it change it to GET. It works.

If you are able to have this work in Postman/Curl, please file a bug report so that we can look at this, like this we can’t really tell.

Ran it through postman and it didn’t work however it seems like you fixed it with the [] around parameters. Thanks Emmanuel.


Does someone would like to share a Plugin for SendGrid, so we can use different sendgrid’s templates ?
I want to add Call to action buttons in the email and personnalize text & URL of the button

If someone has already done this, would be a pity to do the job twice…

Sorry I won’t be able to help. I ended up going with Mailgun.

are you happy with mailgun? i am thinking of setting it up for transactional emails.

ey! where did you find the List Id?!