SendGrid Contacts - remove from list (parameter contact_ids.)

Hey guys,

I’m facing this challenge at
Upon successful purchase, I want to remove an existing Contact from a SendGrid list (Leads), then add it to another list (Buyer) automatically.

Keeping my list clean and tidy (Leads are leads, Buyers are buyers). The outcome would offset the risk of emailing contacts twice or more while blasting them or creating further email automation.

I don’t know where or how to identify the parameter contact_ids. Can you please help me locate this field?

I might be receiving feedback from the plugin author (post here), but asking you all in case somebody already have the answer and can point me to the right direction.


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I am having the same problem!

So, I was having the same issues and I found a workaround, that probably isn’t “best practice” but seems to work for me.

What I did was the following to isolate an individual recipient ID:


the “filtered” constraint is email = current user’s email (or whatever email input you use) — you can add more constraints here if you think there are duplicates (shouldn’t be)

Then use the :first item to convert from list to single item

and then the id results in the associated recipient ID required for the contact_ids.

Hope this helps… until there’s a cleaner/easier way to do this…


Thanks, @parkito I’ll be trying your hack! Much appreciated!

Hi Javier,

Did this work?

I tried to contact the author for this plugin but she didn’t answer.

Hi Parkito,

where did you get the “sendgrid campaigns - retrieve…”

I added the sendgrid contact plugin and used the same action (remove contact from list) but when I click on this field, I don’t have the option for what’s shown on your screenshot.

Would you be able to explain how you get this work? something in the settings maybe? different action?

Thank you

The param contact id field - you would choose dynamic option, then “get data from external api”, if you have the sendgrid contact plugin installed, you can scroll through the list and find the “retrieve all contacts” option