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Sendgrid API question

How do you create the sendgrid api for admin emails and how do you integrate it, because its asking for which language the website is written in, and i’m not a coder so what do i need to do?

Hey @emmanuel_temple,

You can always use a Sendgrid plugin to do the heavy-lifting for you. :slight_smile:

it keeps telling me there is an issue validating your api key
i have created the account

@emmanuel_temple, did you go through the plugin documentation? There’s over 300+ apps using the plugin; if there was an issue, we would’ve heard about it. I suggest you carefully go through the steps again. :thumbsup:

If you still can’t figure it out after following the steps exactly, email us.

yeah thats exactly what i did, i created the account,and i put the bearer api key thing and it still keeps on saying theres an issue validating the key

You’re not crazy. I’m experiencing the same problem on my app. (Tried to do sendgrid API 2 days ago)

I’ll work on it tonight and see if I can get it working.

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