Using sendgrid (Setting it up initially)

I’m sure this is a stupid question but I have spent far too long trying to get this to work - please help!

I set up sendgrid and got an API key, it has full access.

  • I put the key in the email settings and clicked verify - doesnt work, i tried “Bearer API key” too.

  • In the sendgrid plugin i put the API key in both sections as “Bearer API key”

  • I set up a button and the plugin workflow to use a template I made on sendgrid. The template is called TSHEET (is this the template ID?)

If i try and send a plain text email, nothing happens.

If i try and use a template i get this error:

Raw error from SendGrid API - Send email: {“errors”:[{“message”:“The template_id must be a valid GUID, you provided ‘TSHEET’.”,“field”:“template_id”,“help”:“”}]}

Do i need to set something else up?

I tried searching the forum but it seems like i have done everything correctly…Im sure I am missing something ridiculously simple so please put me out of my misery!

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Not a direct answer to your question but have you considered Sendinblue? Does all sendgrid does but has a generous free plan. It’s very easy to setup too.
Seems like you could still easily change platforms :grin:

P.s. I do not get money to push Sendinblue, just a happy customer (even though I’m not using a paid subscription :rofl:)


I will give it a go, thanks. Either way i need to solve this sendgrid issue, I have spent too much time on it to give up (and i know im going to kick myself when i realise what i missed setting it up!)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Understood! If you ever need help setting up Sendinblue API, you can pm me. Glad to help.


You can try this plugin if you like Sendinblue:


Can anyone help me with this?

Hey @DrNinjamonkey,

Upon first glance, looks like you’re not actually providing the Template ID for the template you’re willing to use. If you take a peek of SendGrid’s Templates page, you’ll see the small ID text underneath each template (as well as in the URL while in the Edit mode of a template) which should be used with the SendGrid API.

For the future, it’s a good idea to reach out to a plugin’s developer for support. Since you’re using our Send emails with SendGrid plugin, you could’ve reached out to us at [email protected]. :slight_smile:

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