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I wonder if someone has tried to do this with Sendgrid templates. I create sendgrid template where I have 3 columns in the email body. Then, I created a tag {{unit}} where it takes the data from a repeating group. Currently, sendgrid’s tag returns all data from RP in a single line separate with a comma. I would like to return each item in each line. So, when the comma is, it needs to tell to add next item below as
. Can I achieve this to create a similar look alike outcome as RP in bubble?

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Have you tried using :format as text on your list?

Try using <br> as the delimiter (or include it after each list item’s entry). I haven’t tried it specifically for sending text to sendgrid, but I can’t se any reason why it shouldn’t work.

I just tried and It did not work for me… The RP data source is a table that does not allow me to change list to text. Thank you for the thought!

No, you need to select a text field from the datatype (the same as you currently are doing), but instead of sending it with a comma delimiter all on one line, you can send it with a line break instead (so that each entry appears on a separate line).

I see… Thanks… I’ll try it in a bit!

Thank you Adamhholmes… It worked. :slight_smile:

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Hello axel, could I have a screenshot of the set up please ? I have the same problem but I can’t do it.