SendGrid + substitution tag: Send dynamic list with line breaks via email 🤓

I wrestled with this question for a few minutes, then found an obscure tip in Stack Overflow:

When wrapping tags with double brackets {{list}}, SendGrid interprets that as plan text.
Wrapping that tag in triple brackets {{{list}}} and SendGrid will interpret it as HTML.

  1. Add a code block in your SendGrid template:


  1. Add your tag that will contain the list with triple brackets: {{{list}}}
  2. Surround that tag with HTML paragraph tags:



Back in Bubble, add the substitution tag “list”. Inside this tag add your list of things data field and “join with” <br> line break HTML tag.


Voila! Your SendGrid email will have pretty lists separated with line breaks.


This just saved my life for today. Thanks for sharing!


This is awesome, happy to help!

Thanks, 2 days I was looking for how to do it!!!

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Awesome, that’s what we’re here for :wink:

Thanks. I’ve been messing with this all day. How do I pass in a single name? Ive tried {name}, {{name}}, { name }, {{ name }}, -name-, - name -.

Am I the only one who can’t figure this out?


I used firstname in the example above.

Just deleted my dynamic template and started over. Works now using {{firstname}}.

Guess we’ll never know