Sendgrid email address type

I’m (possibly foolishly) sticking with SendGrid because I simply don’t have time to learn another Plugin like PostMark right now. Can anyone tell me what type of data I need to pass into SendGrid to send the emails to.

Currently, I’ve got a Custom States that’s a list of texts that contains the email addresses of the people I want to receive an email.
This list is combined of a list of SelectedContacts mergedwith a list of SelectedUsers. (This is convenient because of the way that MergedWith removes duplicates.) The list is never very long.
Is SendGrid able to convert this list of text entries into something it will understand so that an email can be delivered to the recipients whether they be in the To field or the Bcc field of the email?
Also, can anyone tell me…should my list of text entries be “joined with” semi colons or commas etc?
I’m so appreciative of any help. This is the last piece of this app and I feel like I’m chasing rainbows with it as the closer I get, the further away it seems to go as I experience failure and am now too brain-fuzzled to understand why. So I’m going to stop for the day.

You don’t have to format the emails or anything. It can be anything that evaluates to a “List of texts” and SendGrid will send them correctly to each one.

I do something similar, where I have a data type called admin and there is only one. I have a list of emails on that data type. Whenever I get an error in specific locations, I send email and in the to field I put Do a search for Admin: first item: debugEmails(which evaluates to a list of texts) and everyone gets the emails.

Many thanks William.
I’m doing similar but I’m suspecting there’s a tiny fly in the ointment that is my workflows and I just can’t find it which is getting very frustrating.
Out of interest, how do you separate your list of texts? Do you use a special character (ie a semi-colon) or just leave as is?
For some reason I’m now getting a SendGrid error message that I’m completely flummoxed by too.
Thanks again,

Screenshot 2023-04-05 at 10.48.14 AM
I don’t do anything to separate.

Also to be clear, I just saw your other post, I do not use a SendGrid Plugin. Just the built in SendGrid connection under Settings=>Domain/Email and the built in Send Email action.

Wow - This is new to me. Thank you.
From my quick look at this method, it’s cool if I want to use only 1 email but I have a choice of 7 templates which is controlled by options users pick. Could this be worked into the Settings=>Domain/Email method you talk about because the PlugIn is a bit cumbersome for my small SpongeBob-like brain.

Yes I believe you just need to connect your Sendgrid API to the Domain/Email section and then you can use everything without a plugin.

That’ll be an absolute game changer if it’s possible to bypass the plugin. I get the impression from my own experience today that the plugin is the weaker part of the process and that SendGrid field a lot of flack for it. Hopefully the plugin will evolve into a more robust thing.