SendGrid dynamic name for each recipient

I am sending a mass email with dozens of recipients and I want the body of the email to say “Hello, {first name}” where {first name} is replaced by the first name of the recipient. Technically, each recipient will receive a different email body since the name in it is different.

I’m imagining SendGrid traditionally sends one email to all the recipients, so sending a different body to each of them would result in multiple emails being sent instead of one, which might not be possible with SendGrid. Assuming it’s not, I imagine I could schedule separate workflows for each recipient so the name is fixed but I think that might be redundant.

Is there a way to have one SendGrid workflow that has a dynamic name in the body for each recipient of the mass email?

Of course there is… (it wouldn’t be much use otherwise)…

Mail Send | Twilio (

werre you able to figure it out?

is it possible to do via send grod plugin or do i have to do some postman or api call