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SendGrid email w/ List via Backend Workflow

Hi all,

I’m trying to send an email that contains a list of things via SendGrid but seem to be having trouble rendering it as JSON in a backend workflow.

My reference point (which has been great) is this video: Sendgrid email templates on part 2: lists - YouTube (@wisebubbler). I’m able to do it via an RG, but that doesn’t work in this context.

I have a backend workflow that runs daily to create digests. In that workflow, I set a list of items to each digest. A straight forward recursive workflow:

The SendGrid email in that workflow is how I want to send the daily email.

In my JSON field, I follow the exact steps in the video above. The difference is that I reference the result of step 1's items: formatted as text in my workflow

However, here’s where I run into a problem.

Let’s say I do the above (replace bob with this thing's name) I get a blank ouput. Even when I hard code the above, I still get a blank output.

All of my other fields in my SendGrid email work fine. It’s just the object that doesn’t seem to render.

Thanks in advance!