SendGrid inbound parse NEED HELP!

Hello. Breakdown time:

I have a google workspace with an email. I plan on forwarding this to my domains email.

I have a namecheap hosting plan as well as a namecheap domain as well as a namecheap email plan.

I’ve created a subdomain at

I’ve also linked my main domain to

Now, when I authenticate my domain on sendgrid, which domain do I authenticate?

My main domain (which is already on Bubble)? Or the subdomain?

I am beyond confused. Anyone want to hold my hand and walk me through this?

Here is my Sendgrid authentication:

Here is my subdomain:

This is my DNS settings:

RED: Bubble requirements to link domain to Bubble host
GREEN: Used to verify domain for SendGrid
BROWN: Used to set up email
PURPLE: Automatically added for my subdomain.

Here’s where it gets weird.

If I select ‘detect data’ and then send myself a test email it WORKS!

But, after that, and any point after that, if I send another email I get a failed delivery.

By the way, I’m using the ‘email’ instead of ‘parse’ for my subdomain.

As it tends to be in these threads, this is the thread I’m using to walk through this stuff.

It doesn’t seem to work, no matter what, and I’m OBVIOUSLY doing something wrong. Any help would be appreciated!

The domain you need to authenticate is the domain from whichever you want to send emails through sendgrid. Separate issue - but your email only looks only partly set up as there are no Dmarc settings.

This tool might help explain the DNS setup problems you have. Or might confuse you more!

Why are you messing around with a subdomain? email | parse. Is that for an inbound webhook from Sendgrid? (and host the webhook in your Bubble app)

Yup, the domain I use is the

That’s why I’m messing with the subdomain. I attached the email to it and added the mx record… But I’ll take a look at the Dmarc :slight_smile: