Sendgrid Plugin not working

Hi all,

Im trying to set up the Sendgrid Plugin made by Copilot. I have correctly set up the API keys and made a workflow in which a recipient should be added to my Sendgrid. However I receive the following error when trying to execute the workflow:

Im not really familiar with API’s, so I’m at a loss. Does anybody know how to fix this or where to look for a solution? Thanks!

I’m not sure on how to trouble shoot the specific issue. But if I may ask, why do you need to create the contact in SendGrid? I ask because I keep my need for SG functions to a minimum and do all the contact management in Bubble.


I thought it would make more sense to have them stored there for marketing automation purposes. You don’t think that would be necessary?

I don’t know much about Sendgrid, but I have found it quite cumbersome to learn, so I keep everything that I possibly can within Bubble. So far the only Sendgrid features that I have found that Bubble doesn’t support are links within the email, fancy formatting and lists. I have plenty of marketing type automation within Bubble that is achieved using backend workflows.