Can someone please help me with basic sendgrid setup?

I made a transactional template in Sendgrid (looks like the marketing ones dont have template IDs…took me almost a day to figure that out!)

My bubble workflow looks like this:


I have the API keys in, sendgrid says the emails i am sending (view my preview app) are being delivered:

However I am not getting anything in my inboxes (I tried a few!)

Do I need to do anything else for this to work or should i just go back to using the post? :slight_smile:

I tried to go through the sender authentication in case that was the issue - hopefully godaddy will update my DNS records soon.

I would love some help if you have any idea where I am going wrong. Thanks!

I just set up Sendgrid and it was sending them to the spam folder for some reason. I tried verifying a domain in Sendgrid but it still sent it to spam. Hoping it clears up soon.

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I am kicking myself - gmail has a junk mail folder which i had checked…there is a spam folder too.

I knew it would be something simple, thank you so much. Can’t believe how much time i spent on this!

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Hi DrNinja!!

I cant make work this plugin! When i try the test connect, works and send me at email. But when i try with the plugin into de workflow. Dont work!

I put the api into the mail config:

And put the same api into de config plugin.

I dont now if into the shared headers need put something.

Any ideas?


Yh can actually be your coach if it’s ok by you