Sendgrid Not Sending Dynamic Data

I’m having trouble with Sendgrid…my substitution tags are not passing through to my transactional email template. I am sending invoices, and each invoice will have dynamic data. my substitution tags are as follows:

customer = current page invoice’s customer
amount = current page invoice’s amount

I’ve tried substitution tags with and without curly brackets…and when I try to send a test email with Sendgrid, I get blank values in the email.

Has anyone had this same issue? If so, what did you do to resolve it?

Hey @lewis.rachelt,

  1. Which plugin are you using?
  2. What does your HTML template setup look like?
  3. Have you checked privacy settings?
  1. Which plugin are you using?
    I am using SendGrid

  2. What does your HTML template setup look like?

This is my substitution tags workflow in bubble

  1. Have you checked privacy settings?
    Privacy settings where? In Sendgrid or gmail? I’m getting the emails…it’s just the values are turning up blank.

Sendgrid is the API provider, is the plugin by @copilot?

Have you tried 3 curly brackets?

In your app.

Yes I tried 3 curly brackets and same “no value” result.

I’m not sure where I would find the HTML template, I set the above template up with their “Dynamic Templates” and I used their builder to create that email.

The Sendgrid plugin is from copilot, yes.

What would I be specifically looking for in my app privacy settings?

Whichever data type you’re pulling from for your email.

Is there anything in your database to pass through?

Yes, this was a quick test invoice

Weird… I’m not sure because I don’t use Sendgrid anymore, but maybe @copilot might know?

Their support can’t seem to figure out the problem and neither can bubble. Do you use another plugin for sending emails instead of Sendgrid?

I don’t send using Sendgrid. I had so many problems with Sendgrid so I switched over to Postmark.

Any helpful tutorial videos for Postmark integration with bubble you found?

I integrated it with the API connector. It was quite simple actually- their documentation made it easy.

Hey @lewis.rachelt,

We’re able to send emails with the SendGrid plugin and haven’t received any new bug reports. Outside of our plugin, we’re aware of significant changes in the SendGrid infrastructure to help counter spam and block filters. SendGrid’s support team may be the best way to go. :email:

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Ok thanks I think I’ll check it out some more

I sent in a bug report a couple days ago with my issue

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