Sendinblue for Dummies - Pretty Please

Hi All - I edited below as I’ve made some progress but still struggling…here are my questions:

Here is the original post with Sendinblue instructions I’m working off of:

  1. Can I use sendinblue for both marketing emails and SMTP (aka transactional) emails? It seems to me the plugin lets you do whatever you want, as long as you’re referencing the template. But there is a lot of info on the sendinblue website itself so just want to make sure I can do both with the sendinblue Bubble plugin.

  2. The original instructions in the above forum post were given when the Bubble API call setup and Sendinblue website looked different and used different versions (v2 instead of v3 I think?). So I’m really not sure what my call should look like. I also don’t understand when I should be using <> vs {}. Here is my call setup, is this right? I don’t really get the concept of attr1, 2, etc when I don’t seem to see this anywhere in the rest of the api workflow.

  3. When creating my first sendinblue email design template (directly in sendinblue, not on a separate email creator), I entered parameters with %% so that dynamic data from Bubble replaces these, such as:

Then, I entered these exactly as they appear above with % as each of the Keys in the workflow. Is this correct?

Thanks anyone who can help!

Hi, by the action names im pretty sure you are using our plugin.
Have you read the documentation?

Hi, thanks for your response. I’m using the other sendinblue plugin as of now.

Then what’s your question exactly?

I just updated the above, I might need to ask @levon for help.