Sending a room code through a URL showing as [object%20object]

Hello all!

I’m currently putting together a room code based game.

Thanks to @J805, I have put together the majority of the system, using three main pages, Index, Game and Host.

The issue I have lies in adding people in via the room code.

When I send it through, I create a new friend, reset the inputs and then ideally navigate them to the page with the room code. I’ve tried two different ways, both navigating and sending the data through via the key, and this method in the screenshot, as if its an external website, with the code=[input Room Code’s Value]. It doesn’t like this, and sends a code=[object%20Object] in the URL instead.

Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 21.14.16

I’m wondering if this is due to the formatting of the number code, but trying to reformat it has not worked so far.

If anyone has any ideas on this, I’d love to know! Ideally the player types the room code and name, and joins the same room as the other players that may have joined directly via URL.

what is the format of the code (what should it look like)? And what content type is your input?

Hi Adam, have edited my initial post to include the link to the project. Hopefully a look over that might help? It’s far from perfect haha!

And currently the content type for the input is integer as it returns a 6 digit number code, however I’ve tried text also, to no avail.

I’ve had a look at your workflow and found the reason the ‘code’ is not being added to the URL…

In step 2 of your workflow you’re setting the ‘code’ URL parameter to the the value of the ‘Room Code Input’

But in step 1 you’re resetting that input.

So in step 2, the input is empty (it’s been reset in step 1), but Bubble is still trying to set the value, and instead ends up setting the value as ‘object%20Object’.

So just remove the ‘Reset Relevant Inputs’ step in the workflow to ensure that the reference to the input in step 2 has a value to apply (there’s no need to use that action here as you’re leaving the page).


Wow! That easy, huh? Thank you so much Adam, I can’t believe I missed that!

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