URL display and data pass through

I am currently trying to pass information from one page to another page using the URL. My goal is to display the information in the URL.

I’m building a marketplace for hotels. What I’d like to do is pass the hotel’s name, city and country as well as the property id to a page URL as a user navigates the app.

As of now I have been building the admin pages of the app so that the hotel owner can manage all aspects of their listing. I have successfully been able to pass the property_id to each page in the admin section, however I am stuck on how I can pass and display in the URL the name, city and country of the hotel.

I don’t necessarily need to display that information in the admin section, I really want to have it displayed as a user is viewing the hotel’s listing page.

Below area images from the page element settings and the workflow in the header of the admin section.

Any ideas on how I can pass the information so my URL will display the hotel name, city and country?

A couple of things:

  • It looks like you’re using the “Data to send” function (likely because you have a page_type set on “admin_home”. (So long as the page has a “type”, Bubble will force you to send a value. However, if you’re using parameters, this isn’t necessary. Just be sure to keep your references straight as you build the page).
  • Parameters need to be exactly the same (ie property_ID (lowercase p) is not the same as Property_ID (uppercase P). Make sure that your parameters are 100% consistent between the originating page and the receiving page.
  • When referencing an actual thing in the database as your value for the parameter, you can set your Get parameter to be an actual type of thing, or you can simply have it retrieve whatever the value is.

Take a poke around and see if that points you in the right direction. Let me know if you’re still stuck.