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Sending an email after sign up

Hi guys!

How do you do if you want to send an email to your users a week after signing up?
Do you use a simple workflow in Bubble ? Or do you use another platform like SendGrid?

Hi @sylvainn ,

To send an email after a period of time you can create a backend workflow in Bubble and use Schedule API Workflow to send the email after 7 days in your case.

First go to your app’s Settings and under the tab API make sure that Enable Workflow API and backend workflows is ticked.

Secondly, navigate to your page list on the top left of your screen and click on Backend workflows. There create a new API Workflow with the following values:

Send the email action:

Finally on the workflow where you signup the user add a new action under Custom events → Schedule API Workflow with the following values:

Hope that was clear, let me know if you have questions.

Note: You have to change the app’s plan to something other than Free for the API workflows to run!


Thank you very much! Really appreciated!

Is it possible to do the same with SendinBlue?

Yes I believe you can do the same with Sendinblue.

I personally recommend using postmark. Sendgrid has bad deliverability.

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