How to setup welcome email

Please how can I setup welcome emails to be sent out to new users?


When you have a workflow setup to sign up a user, add an action as the next step to send the welcome email

As @boston85719 said - add a step to your sign-up workflow straight after the “Sign User Up” action, that sends out a Welcome email.

Alternatively, you can configure a welcome email or sequence of emails in an email software like Mailchimp and add an action straight after “sign user up” to add them to your mailing list via a plugin. If you chose Mailchimp as your email software, Bubble even have a native plugin, which should make adding people to your audience in Mailchimp and triggering those welcome sequences really simple.

Hi @boston85719 thanks I don’t use a workflow, they are added through Zapier.


Thanks @matthew4 , how I don’t use a workflow – they are added through Zapier.

It’s just logins that I intend to send, and wish to send the emails through Bubble and not use Mailchimp, etc.

If you want to send an email via Bubble, you will need to use a workflow to make that happen.

What does your user signup flow look like? When you say the users are coming from Zapier, how exactly are you signing them up if you’re not using the “Sign the User Up” function?

I do not believe there is a way to email credentials such as a password. They need to sign up in your app with an email and password.

Thanks for taking out the time to respond @matthew4 . Greatly appreciated.

So they pay on an external cart. This cart is integrated with Bubble though Zapier.

So it sends the user data into Bubble via API, the passwords are set the same way.


You can set up your app to be an Oauth using the API functions.

@Buddha whatever backend workflow you setup to actually make use of the API in order to signup/login via the API, you should add the send welcome email to that backend workflow sequence of actions.

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Thanks @boston85719 , I used Sendgird (inside Zapier), so it works well now.

Thanks a mil.

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