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Sending Bubble emails using a SendGrid Template

Is the subject line of your template <%subject%>?

I also use Legacy Templates and exclusively using Dynamic Templates with the SendGrid plugin but I am having no luck at all :frowning:

No, the subject line is ‘test’.

I recieved an email from sendgrid saying;

A message was received from this address by our systems that had errors in the SMTPAPI header, and cannot be processed due to the following:

  • The template id must be a valid template id for your account. You provided d-32bd3b488d0c44e0aaca0fc296f639be

That is the ID for my template email so I don’t know what they want me to do?

Ooooh! It’s cause Sendgrid wants you to use a legacy template but I don’t believe they support that anymore. Bubble should really update/upgrade that… and support Postmark natively…

So we can’t use sendgrid anymore with Bubble?

Unless Sendgrid still allows for their legacy templates. I’m not certain because I don’t use Sendgrid.

Just to clarify, you’re talking about the native Sendgrid feature on Bubble right?

No, I have joined the free plan on sendgrid and set up an account there. Bubble’s native ‘send email’ never worked for me.

Yes, but you’re talking about setting up Sendgrid under the Domain/Email setting on Bubble correct?

I don’t know any more, have got too confused. I want to send a ‘forgot password’ email. Since I anticipate (hope) my app will grow I thought I should do the hard work of setting up sendgrid now so I am covered for when I need to scale. So, I figured I’d handle the forgot email via sendgrid.

I have documented my setup with screenshots on this page, would you mind having a quick look please in case I have missed something very obvious?

@darren.james7518 I responded in the new topic you created for this.