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Sending data from Bubble form to Airtable table


I am trying to send data from a form in Bubble (made with regular inputs) to an Airtable base using this plugin:

I haven’t been able to make it work and I suspect it is because I am messing up something with the keys or the JSON.

Anyone has any ideas what could make this work? I’ll post some images and this link to the app (although I am not sure apps can be shared on the free plan).

Hi change table 1 value to include url encoded space “%20”

Are your fields on airtable called Field1/Field2 i dont think so,
change that & reminder this is case sensitive

remove quotation mark from your key "

It worked! Thanks a lot, @Taiheta :pray:.

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@Taiheta, I’m back here again now wondering if its possible to pass images from Picture Uploader inputs and text from Multiline inputs. Hope you can give me some insight! I’ve been getting this error code for both.

Thanks for any help!


What do you mean without dynamic text? When writing the JSON one part is the key and the other one is the dynamic text coming from the input, isn’t it? Is there a way to pass the initial content, is that what you mean? I may be missing something… Let me know to do the tests.

Thanks for your help!

Got it. It did it with your link and with an image URL from an Airtable base that is fully functional and I get this error. I having the same dilemma with the multiline input, actually. What would you suggest? Getting rid of the native form and try implementing it with another service like Wufoo?


Your logo field on airtable is not text so you need to submit a json object. The other problem is that when you use pictureuploaders value for the url it needs to have “https:” in front.

	"fields": {
		"areas": "test",
		"company": "test",
		"compensation": "test",
		"contact": "test",
		"duration": "test",
		"industry": "test",
		"location": "test",
		"pitch": "test",
		"position": "test",
		"requirements": "test",
		"website": "test",
		"logo": [{
				"url": ""
			"url": ""



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