Sending dropdown option via url parameter


I am stuck trying to build a simple search capability.

In one page, I have a dropdown for category and an input field for location, and a workflow so when the input field changes, it goes to another page (search_results) and sends 2 url parameters, the text from the input and the option from the dropdown.

This works, I am able to dynamically add the value of the parameters in the url to a text element on the search_results page.

However, I am trying to use those parameters to filter a repeating list. It works with the input field parameter (location), but for the dropdown one (category) I can’t get it to work as there is no “contains” option

When I try to build the constraint, I am not able to close it (it turns red and doesn’t work)

Is there something wrong with the way i send the data?


Try the search constraint “the other way around”. Category = all category options:filtered by get data from url.

Whoa! That actually worked. Many thanks!

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