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Sending email with Sendgrid - general options

Hello guys,
Can anyone explain how to setup data for confirmation email and password change email using sendgrid temaple and copilot plugin? I believe I have to use somekind of autogenerated link/URL to make it happen but I don’t know where to look. :thinking:

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I couldn’t find a way to do the confirmation email that contained a button that the user needed to click. So when I have a user sign up, I create their account and let them log in, with a status validated = false. Generate a random text string for the user and put it in the welcome email that you send to them.

When the user logs in, they can see a button (in their profile for example), that says “verify email” that shows them a popup form. They can then copy the random text string from their welcome email, paste it in the form, and you just have to make sure that it matches. Then set their status to validated = true.

For the password change, Bubble lets you generate a temporary password, so you can just send that to them in an email. Again, give them a status of temp_pass = true. Then you can ask them to update their temporary password, and set temp_pass = false.

Let me know if any of that doesn’t make sense.

Thanks, it makes sense. I think at moment you can’t use send grind templates in Bubble to send veryfication e-maila which is sad and confusing because they allow to add template I’d.


Was this ever solved?