Sending emails via my app

Whats the best way to send emails via the app? I’ve tried the one that is already built in but I didn’t like it, I need to be able to send orders to the plumbing merchants by email and the order forms need to look exactly how I`ve created them when being sent by email. I just need help on how to achieve this so that I can progress in making my app

Hey @sam.linforth -

With SendGrid, you can create customized email templates to follow a specific structure. You just need to set up a SendGrid template and pair it with your application. (I believe there are a good number of posts that cover this topic)

As well, if you are using Stripe, you can enable this to send certain transactional emails (ie. an invoice) with some formatting. While not your formatting, Stripe’s transactional emails are very nicely designed.

Short of saving the contents as an image, there are some overall limitations to the extent you can create something dynamically in an email (ie. having the exact formatting as it looks in your Bubble app). But some in the community may have creative solutions to offer up…

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