Is there a way of sending an form by email exactly how it looks in the app?

Is there a way of sending the forms by email exactly how they look in the app?

I am looking into how to send html emails via Sendgrid myself, maybe I can help - can you elaborate more on exactly what you want to send?

I`m looking to send order forms to the plumbing merchants through a feature on my app. But at the moment by not being able to send a html email it doesn’t look very professional.

Two options come to mind:

a) design a html email in Sendgrid and add your individual form inputs as parameters, there is a plugin for that from Co-Bubble.

b) convert the form inputs into a pdf and send the pdf (using the same plugin as above) as an attachment.

Hope this helps.

I have just done this with supplier order forms. I used the zerocode pdf plugin to convert the page to a pdf then attached it to a sendgrid email.

I have to say it’s ok but not great, it’s slow to create the pdf and it doesn’t look that great.


I`m not very familiar with sendgrid? - they have a free plan for 100 emails a day, signup for an account and generate an API key. Then install the sendgrid plugin which is free, this gives you the option to send an email with attachment.

I think there are a number of videos on how to do it


do you know of anymore email plugins that can send forms in email exactly how they look in the app.

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