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Hello everyone, everything good?
I’m having a serious problem with my app, which is already live and started recently.
What happens is that when my clients and even I upload some images, after some time (sometimes 24 hours or even less) they “disappear”.
When I open the database it shows the following:

The images are entering the database through an original Bubble picture uploader, configured as follows:

In the database the “broken” image looks like this:

I have already opened several complaints with support but they do not respond to me.
The table you are registering also does not have ANY privacy that could conflict.

This only happens when th image is corrupted

But it happened with images that were already in the bank

Hey @apps8, can you show a screenshot of the workflow where the image reference is saved to the DB?

The file and picture uploaders don’t save anything to the database unless you have auto binding enabled, which it appears you don’t. They simply upload the file to Bubble storage (which uses AWS behind the scenes). You must explicitly save a reference to the DB if you want to access or display that image later.

In short, don’t conflate file storage with database storage. The former holds the contents of uploaded files, while the latter stores a reference (basically the URL) to uploaded files.

Perhaps you realize that already, but I just wanted to cover the bases.

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plugin: Croppie Plugin | Bubble

I’m not familiar with that plugin, but I see that you’re explicitly deleting the uploaded file in a couple places in your screenshots. I suggest you carefully examine your logic (perhaps step through it with the debugger) to make sure everything’s working as you intended.

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I have already reviewed the flow, it is correct:

What I find strangest is that in the “file manager” the images are working perfectly, but in the table they are not.

File manager:


It also occurred in images that had already been in the bank for a long time

Here is where you save this data.