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Sending specific drag/drop reusable elements to a new page

Hi there everybody!

I have been struggling with figuring out how to send specific pre-set drag/drop elements from one page to another page. I am not sure whether to do it with custom states, or URLs, or APIs so any help would be appreciated.

My goal is this:

  1. I have a main page in which you have drop-down reusable elements (I’ve used drag/drop groups to make this happen). So when the user clicks on the drop-down option, they get multiple options in which they can click the buttons: Video, Send, Guide. Examples:

  1. Once the user clicks the send button, I would like for the specific clicked element to transfer to another page (but not to transfer the user immediately to the new page) where there will be an e-mail format with the final combined list of clicked drop-down reusable elements. Example:

Does anyone have an idea how I can achieve this?


Explore url parameters

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