Sending the parameter to the page is okay, but what if the page's mobile is different?

Hi everyone;

I made a mobile version of my home page, but sending parameters to page created an issue.

If I’m using a desktop, thats ok. When I click on the link from the mobile device, it switches to the mobile page of “home page” and clears the parameters.

I can’t get the result I want.

Does have a trick?

Here’s a workaround that should work. Don’t know whether there’s a more elegant solution for this challenge.

You could set the full size homepage to have an action that runs on page load that navigates the user to the mobile page if the device width is narrow (i.e., it’s a mobile device). As part of this, you could pass specific url parameters to the mobile page by adding those parameters in the “navigate to” action.

The main drawback to this is that you need to specify which url parameters are passed to the mobile page (i.e., there’s no way that I know of to “pass all url parameters to the next page”).

Tnaks for advice @sridharan.s

It’s not possible to use it as follows, is it?

“Send page parameters to mobile page” option would be good. :slight_smile:

If that approach drops the URL parameters, which you said it does (I haven’t used it so I can’t confirm), then you’ll need a workaround if you want to keep the URL parameters.

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Thanks @sridharan.s


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