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How could I use a data from database as a destination for go to page?

I am trying to redirect the user once an icon is clicked but I want the app to direct the user to the URL dictated by the data from the database (I created a text field named Webpage which will be containing URLs).

Thank you in advance. Just started using Bubble so I’m really new to everything. I will definitely be posting more questions later so please do forgive me. Again, thanks. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you can store it as text, and then open it …

Good for external sites, almost certainly not the way to go with internal bubble pages.


Worked like a charm. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @NigelG,

I have another problem related to this. The thing is, I have a repeating group wherein it shows a list of “Actions”. Each of this action, I placed a button where clicking the button will redirect the user to the “Page” for that action. These pages are actually Bubble pages. However, since each action has different pages to redirect to, I decided to simply save the web URL in the data store then just retrieve it through “Open an external website” through your suggestion.

However, I realized that I actually have to pass data to the redirected Action Page.

Do you think there is any workaround for this? Or probably a better way of doing it? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

URL variables might work, if the information isn’t sensitive

how can I do URL variables?


OK, well if these are Bubble Pages, then you don’t want to do “Open An External Page”.

Use Go To Page … instead.

Then tick the box, Send More Parameters…

In here you can send text, or even a Unique Id to reference a thing.

Will this work in a URL shared by others to our app shared on the web from outside the app?

The goal is to set up a referral code system. So I want to generate a ‘link’ which displayed on a users profile page, with their referral code. Then, they can share this link, and the code automatically fills in the input box with the code, even though the link was clicked of Facebook, for example.

[quote=“jameslusk, post:8, topic:6397”]
automatically fills in the input box with the code, [/quote]

What input box?

It is just a regular text input. The dynamic data is set as Nigel explains above to get the parameter/data from the URL.

and you want that data, that you pass with the url to be displayed in a text field?

Yes. I specifically used an input field since I was going to have to save that info to the database later. This is what’s i was able to get working.

Yes you can do this. Generate a dynamic parameter/referral value and look for the parameter key whenever you need it to find the referral value. If the full link is shared, it will still be there!

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Above sends thing = 5 to the destination from page 1.

Page 2:
Set a group. It will contain the input field.

First, you tell the group that the info it needs will come from the page url.

Then tell the input field to find the value of “thing” and diplay it as the initial content.

When you run this, you should see 5 in the text input box

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the images in that example are gorgeous and really helpful!