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Hello all together,

first of all thanks to Bubble for this platform that enables us as non-techies to come up with a full working webpage. As we have just launched our website, we are now in need of improving our SEO through Bubble in order to organically be better ranked on Google. After going through the Google Search Console and trying to find all other answers on Bubble, the following list of questions still remain. I hope, @eve, you can help us out here :slight_smile:


  1. Can we use structured data with bubble?
  2. How can we do that on Bubble: “You can also inline images as Data URIs. Data URIs provide a way to include a file, such as an image, inline by setting the src of an img element as a Base64 encoded string using the following format: <img src=[url=data:image/svg+xml;base64,[data]]“data:image/svg+xml;base64,[data]”>”

3. How can we modify an URL and eliminate the user ID from the URL?
4. Is it possible to insert two types of data (user’s name & user’s service) into an URL?

Dynamic pages
5. How to make dynamic pages (e.g. Expertenprofil, Blogartikel) automatically be crawled by Google?

Text & Images
6. How can we put an original link to our images instead of “amazonaws” for SEO reasons?
7. Is the tooltip text useful for search engines?
8. Are the links in Bubble href links? How can we put href links on our text and image links?

9. Our after-login-pages (all pages with _nl) shall not be crawled by search engines. However, they do appear on Google, even though we didn’t check their boxes under the SEO sitemap settings. Is it enough to block those pages with robot txt or do we have to do other things?
10. Our mobile pages (all pages with _mobile) shall not be crawled either. How can we prohibit the access to mobile pages for search engines or how do we have to communicate them that we have different versions of one page?

Any answer to any of our problems is highly appreciated as it will bring us one small step forward towards being visible on Google, which is crucial for us! For anyone wondering what we are doing, here a link to our website:

Kind regards,


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Hello Markus,

Thanks for posting this here, and my apologies for taking a number of days to get back to you: I wanted to run the questions by my team to ensure that I am giving you the most complete answer possible regarding Bubble’s SEO capacities.

Quick disclaimer relevant here: we at Bubble are, unfortunately, not SEO experts. While we can advise you on Bubble’s general best practices, there is no guarantee that these will always work with all search engines. However, we are constantly striving to improve, and improving SEO settings is definitely on our roadmap.

As per the answers:

  1. You can certainly use structured data with Bubble: this is available to you in the header of the page or app, either at the page level or in the settings tab. For example, this is what we do for our site (which is actually a Bubble app in and of itself):
  1. You should be able to use an HTML element on your page for this.

  2. If you want to keep out the unique ID of the URL, the “type of content” on your page should be empty. If the content type is a user, then there has to be an ID in the URL: this is currently a Bubble limitation. We’re working on something to generate shorter IDs but do not have a timeline on this feature at this time.

  3. Yes: you can use link elements to add parameters to the page.

  4. Right now, outside sitemaps do not generate list of items with data IDs. This feature is on our long-term roadmap, as we understand that it would make a huge difference for our users. You should be able to force Google to crawl these pages by uploading a sitemap to their console.

  5. At this time, this is not a possibility, though it is yet another feature that is on our roadmap.

  6. Blocking pages with robot txt may not be sufficient to prevent Google from crawling the pages. I believe there is something you can put in your page header to prevent Google from indexing the page, but that may be a question to pose to Google’s team instead of here.

  7. The answer here is the same as answer 7: our team is unable to assist here, as it pertains to Google’s functions, so you may need to contact their support team.

Thanks again for your post here! We hope this addresses your SEO concerns.


Hi - I have a follow up to this.

Let’s say I have 1 page. The page’s content is different depending each time it loads, depending on the parameters involved.

By ‘parameter’ in this case I mean, eg

[Note: I’m not talking about dynamic content due to a ‘"Type of Content’ having been assigned to the page within bubble.]

This is just an ‘ordinary’ page. But with the content dictated by parameters.

So my question is: if I ‘expose a sitemap’ in the settings --> SEO/metatags page and expose that page… will Google also pick up all the parameters?


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