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A brief question: is that possible to have the URLs of a bunch of webpages made in Bubble as if it was a blog -for SEO purposes and to migrate a current non-Bubble website to a new Bubble project-? Something like this: domain/category/name-of-the-page instead of domain/category/ID

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Yes you can do that check out my response in this thread: Creating a friendly or easily readable url

But the drawback will be in defining the SEO meta tags which I haven’t found that you can do dynamically with bubble itself per page. There may be a way to do it dynamically with the html element but I haven’t experimented enough yet…

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From what @emmanuel has said previously, the messy id code at the end of an items URL is necessary to identify the item. I hope they eventually get around to allowing a directory tree structure. However, they have added an ‘SEO friendly URL’ text option that you can use in the meantime.

What I did (with some tweaking) for my site is to create a main blog page called insights, with the type of page being insights (the data type). I then used conditions to hide and show content based on the data that is sent to the page. If the page comes up empty (ie repartconsulting.com/insights/), meaning no data found, then the blog posts content area is hidden, replaced by list of blog posts, a subscribe button, and titles, etc. It gives the feeling of some URL structure that you would find on a normal blog.

Take a look here: https://repartconsulting.com/insights

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@john3 I found a solution for that here: SEO example: dynamic google structured data markup for blogs/etc

A tag would be the the html header as a list of things’ names (lists of things are separated by commas when printed as text)


Cool good to know that path will work with injecting dynamic data into the page header :slight_smile: I’ll definitely work on it to see how google views the page…

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Thanks a lot, guys! I’m definitely going to try those things. I’ll let you know when I figure out if they work for me :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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