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SEO case study: need help with insights here

After 10 years of wordpress, I decided to move to bubble. Im really excited with all the possibilities, and struggling a little bit. Let me explain what happenned SEOwise.

I have 2 pages:

ranking first page for “massagem tantrica natal” or “massagem tantrica” while the person is in natal logged in google


ranking first page for “massagem tantrica florianopolis” or “massagem tantrica” while the person is in florianopolis logged in google

I created 2 new pages, cloning both of them on a bubble interface. So I came up with:

I them redirected both old wordpress pages to the new bubble pages with 301 redirect using prettylinks plugin. What happened was:
The florianópolis page keeps a good rank and is already generating leads due to its new interactive designed
The natal page completely vanished from Google SERPs. It did not drop: it dissappeared completely.

Both pages are equally setup in terms of seo here in bubble and they keep the same content as the previous pages that were ranking. I cant seem to understand why these pages have such differente behavior.

Im now in the phase of putting back the old link to see if the ranking comes back. Ill keep making tests and keep you guys up to date. Any insight will be appreciated!


Hi @renatoasse - sou seu mais novo aluno da comunidade sem codar!
Saberia dar uma força sobre isso?

Fala @henriquefogli,

Você já tem conta no Google Search Console? O que ele diz sobre essa página?

O subdomínio novo que hospeda as páginas bubble ainda não aparece no search console… aparentemente terei que enviar um novo sitemap, certo?

Does anybody know a good step-by-step all you need to do bubble SEO guide?

Please join this SEO thread (headache saver) by liking or commenting something valuable you’ve learned about SEO. Trying to get the word out to Bubble how important SEO is to its users.