SEO - Dynamic Meta Descriptions

Is there a way to add a feature so we descriptions have the option to be dynamic? Currently, we can have a dynamic page title and description for the home page of a website, but not for other pages on the site. If dynamic meta tags and descriptions were available for other pages, this would very much help from a SEO perspective. I believe we can only have different HTML headers by using the “Insert Dynamic Data” option.

I would like to insert meta descriptions for each of the products we have listed along with title tags but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this. Can you please help me figure out how to do this? I assume there has to be a work around for SEO purposes to get these products listed. Thank you!

I also need to have a dynamic meta description in one of my pages

What’s the issue? (what are you having trouble with regarding dynamic meta-descriptions?..)

Hey! @adamhholmes

The problem is the page element doesn’t let you change conditionally the meta description of the page, only the title.

I think I might have found a way, but if you have any experience in this please let me know :slight_smile:

Yes, I see…

There are ways to set meta-descriptions (and HTML headers) conditionally… (you might have already figured that out)…

What conditions, specifically, are you trying to use to change the meta-description?

Actually my idea didn’t worked :upside_down_face:
So I’m open to any!

It will change accordingly to my URL.
I have a page that holds filters, and the filters work depending on the paths of the URL.

Can you give a more specific example of your use case?..

Sure, you can play with the filters on this page and see how the URL changes accordingly.
According to the URL, the meta description should change.

For this you’ll need use ‘Get Data From URL’ with the ‘path segment as list’ option.

Then select item#2 (which is the first additional Path parameter, the first one being the page name), is empty, then use ‘Format as text’ to define the meta description:

‘Yes’ is when there are no additional path parameters, so enter the desired meta description for that, and ‘no’ is when there is at least one additional path parameter…

so for ‘no’ you’ll want to use the same thing again (i.e. get data from URL: path as segment: item#3: is empty, format as text)…

For ‘yes’ (meaning there is the first additional path parameter, but not the second), enter the desired meta description (you can use Get Data from URL, path segments, item#2 to refer to whatever’s in the path),

And for no (meaning there are 2 additional path parameters) you can get data from URL, path segments, Item#3 if you need to refer to the item in the URL.

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