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Best way to integrate an SEO optimized blog with Bubble app

Hi how’s it going?

Bubble has been awesome for building and deploying my web app. But in order to get traffic to the page, I’d like to generate daily content as part of a blog that will show up high in the Google search engine rankings. I’ve read online that Bubble out of the box is not well suited for an SEO optimized blog. I want it to be something like and the blog posts will be targeted to specific keywords etc for Google search engines.

Are there any workarounds or solutions to this? I really like Bubble and don’t want to switch to something else but generating traffic via original content is an integral part of my business.

Hi. It’s tricky but not impossible with Bubble. Take a look at the SEO friendly blog template I built…

There is a workaround that works quite well for me.
My domain ( gets more than 1.000 daily organic traffic and I built my app in bubble.

What worked for me is the following:
I use webflow (No-code CMS) as my Content Management System as it is highly SEO performant in terms of page speed, core web vitals and clean code. Moreover, you have incredible design opportunities in order to optimize conversion rate (have a look for example how my visitors are only one click away from a sign up from the blog post page: Die Top 16 Trends in der Software-Entwicklung für 2022). This is connected to my main domain

My app is built in bubble and connected to a sub-domain with a .app prefix (

→ This way you can get the best out of the two worlds. Webflow´s SEO advantages and bubble´s capacity in building a nice web app.

Hope that helps.


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