SEO Issues related to Meta Data and Page Header (structured data)

Seems like Bubble doesn’t serve up the meta data from the page or the header (structured data) consistently. Be aware before you push any money/effort into a campaign in which you expect to get Google to crawl and index your pages appropriately or to potential garner rich snippets via the structured data of the page.

Bubble support has confirmed the Bug in my app, so highly likely others are affected as well. Hoping that a fix is put into place to make it so that the meat data and page header are served up properly all the time.

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Yeah this has been going on for a while now and unfortunately no fix. Quite disappointing…

What has been your personal experience with it?

For me, when using the Google Rich Results testing tool I get wildly inconsistent results day by day testing the same URL. Same days, things show everything is fine as expected, the next day it shows missing attributes, the following it shows no items detected etc.

On some pages, with a page content type set, some data entries show no issues, while others show issues despite there being no difference in data field values in the database (ie: all data field values necessary for meta data and structured data are in the DB).

On another page, my English language structured data pulls in correctly, while my Thai language doesn’t.

BTW, have you submitted a bug report? If so, do you still have the report number and can share? I’d like to pass it along to the support agent working through my bug report on the topic.

Could you elaborate on this topic ? , I have been working on SEO and seing you under almost all SEO related topics,does this happen on dynamic tittle and tags too ?

page title does not happen as frequently. all meta tags (title, description and image) are affected at times. Page header is also affected.

Okay I will test this today, and report the problem. However, I will do that in version-test while enabling site maps ,will it be still testable that way ?

your version test should function the same way as live, so yes, you should be able to still test the SEO via version test page.

I’d recommend testing with the markup testing tool (if you have structured data) as well as Google Rich Results testing tool (if you have structured data)…if you are only testing the meta details, like title, description and image, I would just test by simply trying to share the link via social media and see what comes through; if it is not what you were expecting, then check the inspector tool of the debugger to see if Bubble has it correct there, and if so, also check the HTML via the web browser developer tools.

My bro, I don’t know any of these words, I have a SPA and I send page arbitrary text and slugs so I will test index/cars/toyota-camry or index/pet-food/golden-retriever (this is an example),I will send dynamic data to title and meta tag based on URL . I intend to check google search console ?.But I am on version-test, people won’t be able to see this right ,if I expose map site ?

People can only see your live page, and only see your version-test if you provide them the URL.

and crawlers right ? ,okay I will be testing this out .

I have searched those, firstly I will try dynamic tittle and tags. I have searched forum, I am going to change value of a group based on which path segment # I am on, and dynamically change that groups text and pass it on pages attributes as descriptions and tittles.The other solution was to search the database according the URL.Do you know any more optimal ones ?

Hey I just completed setup, I only checked the social media linking part, it works as expected no problems, I mean from each link tittle and meta description as expected,I haven’t tested the google search console yet it is on test version.1 page around 6 tabs 6 tittles and meta descriptions, the other is 1 meta description 8 tittles.Tittle and descriptions added via formatted as text

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