Bubble Sites Not Crawled Correctly by Google

We’ve been having SEO problems for the past 5 months or so and I’ve finally had a chance to really dig into it. From what I can gather, it’s a Bubble problem and I wanted to confirm that others are having the problem.

When I use a simulator to check my articles, none of the text is discovered (none…not headers, not the body…none).

I was curious if this was a problem with my rich text so I searched my other pages and the same problem occurred.

So I thought maybe this is just a problem with my site, but saw that the Bubble.is site also returns no results.

So I started looking at other known Bubble sites and … the same problem.

I’m open to solutions, but I fear this is a problem that only the @bubble.is team can solve.

Here’s one of the sites I used to test my page: https://totheweb.com/learning_center/tools-search-engine-simulator/

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lots of threads on the subject. this might be useful Seo-cant detect h1 h2 tags

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Hey @maryfox20! Take a look at this forum response about SEO. It’s regarding a similar topic, and if I’m understanding correctly, I think it applies to what you’re asking about as well.

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